July 16, 2024

QT section is of 15 marks and is indeed important for boosting the AIR. Lot of students feel afraid to deal with this section. This strategy is designed by CLAT topper.

Quantitative Techniques Strategy 

Lets divide our aspirants in two classes. 1 Those came from PCM 2 Those came from non PCM.

Now I would like to say stop being fooled by catchy advertisements claiming

“Kya ap arts wale hai, maths nehe ata clat ka humara phalana course lijiye”

My dear students you have studied maths till 10th class and solved complicated trigonometry, chords etc. 

So, the above para is just to establish my point that it doesn’t matters from which stream you come from anyone can score good marks. To approach and score good marks in QT:-

  1. Start with the very first chapter “The number system”

Build and revise your basic mathematics concept which were taught to you in middle school.

  • Move towards percentage, then comes profit and loss.

Now these are some expected chapters from where one can say DI based questions can be formed.

  • Move towards work and time , speed distance energy and finally mensuration.

These chapters need more time and memory so it is highly advised to first cover the topics mentioned in point 1 and 2.

The best tip is if you are bad at mathematics practice it again and again until you feel that yes now I can tackle any problem. The fear of maths isn’t because you get your solution wrong but because you stop trying to reach the correct answer.

Maths is a good tool to improve concentration power, begin your day with solving mathematics and you will start feeling that you are more aware.

Required materials. R.S Aggarwal, M. Tyra, Any coaching module only if you have rest the books are your saviours for the day

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